With a huge increase in the number of suits distributed in the face of services providers, a structure dedicated to efficiently and adequately meeting all demands directed to the market was organized.

We have a Data-Driven culture, with the decision making based on structured data under the governance of a Legal Controllership, which is present in the entire operation of the firm.

We rely on an efficient infrastructure in the cities of Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo, Vitória and Curitiba, and since we have a large network of loyal correspondents, we are able to provide high-quality services throughout Brazil.


What makes us different:

Legal management system developed internally by our own IT team, capable of integrating with the systems used by large companies

Development of automation systems and routines (robots), which aim for greater assertiveness in operational routines and minimizing expenses

Business Intelligence (BI) for reading indicators, use of robots and operating belt – Workflow

Online agreement platform, with messaging and fully automated trading

Queue of “smart” closings, which captures progress of Court of Appeals’ websites and indicates which suits are about to be closed

Structural organization of the firm in operational centers (registration, agreements, controllership, payments and closings) and sectorized teams (operational and legal)